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Baby Samara’s First Birthday

On March 14, 2016 by Chil Studios in Babies, Photography

This past year we had the pleasure of capturing the Syed family and their beautiful growing daughter, Samara. The first year of a child’s life is filled with such awe and amazement – It’s a time of many changes for a family and exciting opportunities to make new memories. We enjoyed watching Samara grow and look forward to our next shoot with the sweet family!0216_Samara-Web3 0216_Samara-Web4 0216_Samara-Web50216_Samara-Web2 0216_Samara-Web6 0216_Samara-Web7 0216_Samara-Web8 0216_Samara-Web9 0216_Samara-Web10 0216_Samara-Web11 0216_Samara-Web12 0216_Samara-Web13 0216_Samara-Web14 0216_Samara-Web15 0216_Samara-Web16 0216_Samara-Web17

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