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Diana & The Sanchez Family

On May 4, 2015 by Chil Studios in Uncategorized

Meet the Sanchez Family! Their eldest daughter, Diana, recently had her Quinceanara and before we had the pleasure of shooting that festive event, we had a chance to spend a beautiful evening with the family at the Botanical Gardens. Although the shoot was for Diana, we couldn’t help but get this adorable family involved in the fun!

0415_DianaSanchez-Web1-20415_DianaSanchez-Web20415_DianaSanchez-Web30415_DianaSanchez-Web4 0415_DianaSanchez-Web15 0415_DianaSanchez-Web12 0415_DianaSanchez-Web14 0415_DianaSanchez-Web2 0415_DianaSanchez-Web1 0415_DianaSanchez-Web11 0415_DianaSanchez-Web9 0415_DianaSanchez-Web8 0415_DianaSanchez-Web5 0415_DianaSanchez-Web6 0415_DianaSanchez-Web18 0415_DianaSanchez-Web19 0415_DianaSanchez-Web20 0415_DianaSanchez-Web21 0415_DianaSanchez-Web22 0415_DianaSanchez-Web23 0415_DianaSanchez-Web24 0415_DianaSanchez-Web26 0415_DianaSanchez-Web27 0415_DianaSanchez-Web28 0415_DianaSanchez-Web29 0415_DianaSanchez-Web30 0415_DianaSanchez-Web31 0415_DianaSanchez-Web32 0415_DianaSanchez-Web33 0415_DianaSanchez-Web34 0415_DianaSanchez-Web35 0415_DianaSanchez-Web37 0415_DianaSanchez-Web39 0415_DianaSanchez-Web44 0415_DianaSanchez-Web40 0415_DianaSanchez-Web41 0415_DianaSanchez-Web45 0415_DianaSanchez-Web46 0415_DianaSanchez-Web47 0415_DianaSanchez-Web49 0415_DianaSanchez-Web48Mr. & Mrs. Sanchez – Thank you for choosing us for your family photoshoot. We hope you enjoy and can’t wait to share the Quinceanara photos with you soon!

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