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Engaged: Sung & Joseph

On October 20, 2014 by Chil Studios in Engagements, Photography

Sung and Joseph are an incredibly adorable couple. This sweet duo couldn’t help but to have ear-to-ear grins, gentle forehead kisses, and laughter throughout the day. Their lighthearted nature made the shoot a lot of fun and as a photographer, I couldn’t ask for more.

We started off the engagement shoot at a very special location to the couple – The Forum, where Joseph proposed to Sung. Soon after, we traveled to Historic Norcross where we had a chance to walk through the historic downtown area. The last part of the shoot was at McDaniel Farm Park where Sung changed into her traditional Koren outfit and Joseph into his formal clothes. Hope you enjoy!

Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes1 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes2 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes4  Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes6 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes8 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes10 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes11 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes12 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes16 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes1-2
Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes18Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes20 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes21 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes22Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes19
Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes23   Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes25 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes9Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes24
Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes26 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes27 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes28 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes29 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes31 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes33 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes32
Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes35 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes38  Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes40 Oct14_SungJoe-HighRes41

Sung & Joseph – Thank you for sharing your Saturday afternoon with me. I had so much fun photographing the two of you and your love. I look forward to your wedding day!

– Bhargava

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