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Haviv Family, Introducing Baby Liam

On June 2, 2015 by Chil Studios in Babies, Families, Photography

You might remember this unbelievably adorable family from last year. If not, please be sure to check out their first album here: http://chilstudios.com/portfolio/ezra/

We had a chance to hang out with the Haviv family again and this time at the beautiful Morgan Falls Park in Sandy Springs. It was our first time meeting Liam and if there was an adorable meter this little guy would break it. He was so much fun to shoot along with his handsome older brother, Ezra!0515_HavivFamily-Web1 0515_HavivFamily-Web3 0515_HavivFamily-Web4 0515_HavivFamily-Web5 0515_HavivFamily-Web6 0515_HavivFamily-Web7 0515_HavivFamily-Web8 0515_HavivFamily-Web9 0515_HavivFamily-Web11 0515_HavivFamily-Web12 0515_HavivFamily-Web13 0515_HavivFamily-Web14 0515_HavivFamily-Web15 0515_HavivFamily-Web16 0515_HavivFamily-Web17 0515_HavivFamily-Web18 0515_HavivFamily-Web19 0515_HavivFamily-Web20 0515_HavivFamily-Web210515_HavivFamily-Web27 0515_HavivFamily-Web28 0515_HavivFamily-Web29 0515_HavivFamily-Web30 0515_HavivFamily-Web31 0515_HavivFamily-Web32 0515_HavivFamily-Web33 0515_HavivFamily-Web34 0515_HavivFamily-Web35 0515_HavivFamily-Web36 0515_HavivFamily-Web37 0515_HavivFamily-Web38 0515_HavivFamily-Web40 0515_HavivFamily-Web41 0515_HavivFamily-Web43 0515_HavivFamily-Web450515_HavivFamily-Web230515_HavivFamily-Web240515_HavivFamily-Web260515_HavivFamily-Web25Mauri & Kevin – I had a great time taking Ezra and Liam’s photos. Thank you for choosing us to capture these precious milestones in their lives. We hope they enjoy them for years to come!

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