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Engaged: Irfan & Zoya

On September 11, 2014 by Chil Studios in Engagements, Photography

Irfan and Zoya always have great ideas for their shoots which makes their sessions so much fun and very unique! We had the opportunity to take their engagement photos for the third time at the beautiful High Museum and Woodruff Arts Center.

This engagement shoot was very special to them as they will be getting married this December and wanted one last set for their Save the Dates.

We had a great time photographing them and we hope you enjoy the photos!

Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes1 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes2 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes3 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes4 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes5 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes6
 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes8 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes11 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes10 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes14 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes16 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes17 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes18 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes19
Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes20  Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes22 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes24 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes25 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes23  Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes29 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes30 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes31

Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes35 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes36 Sep14_IrfanZoya_SD-HighRes37

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