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Mini-Session: Brown Family

On November 18, 2014 by Chil Studios in Families, Photography

It’s always a fun day when we are able to hang out with our nephew & niece. However, being able to capture their adorable smiles and cute personalities makes the day even more eventful! When we first photographed the Browns the past two years, it was only a family of 3. However, the family has now expanded into a family of 4 debuting the adorable Leina. What makes the shoot even sweeter is you can see how much Taylor loves his baby sister. Grandma even joined in on the fun and participated in the family shoot. We hope you enjoy!

Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes1Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes3 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes6 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes7 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes8Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes4Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes9 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes10 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes12Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes15 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes16 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes18 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes23 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes24 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes25 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes26 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes28 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes30 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes31 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes32 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes33 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes34 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes36 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes37 Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes38Nov14_BrownFamily-HighRes43

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