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Mini-Session: Summerville Family

On November 29, 2014 by Chil Studios in Families, Photography

We had a wonderful time hanging out with the Summervilles on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  We met up with them at Lillian Webb Park in Historic Norcross to capture their family photos. Lauren and I (Anu) used to take Bootcamp classes at Lillian Webb Park, so it brought back some priceless memories for us. 🙂

This was our second time taking their portraits, and boy did little Emily-Kate grow up fast! When we first took her photos last year around this time, she wasn’t crawling yet, and now she’s full on walking and talking! She sure loved the camera and was very patient while we took her photos. She also enjoyed walking Pescha around the park! We hope you enjoy!

  Nov14_Summerville-HighRes3 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes4 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes5 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes6  Nov14_Summerville-HighRes8  Nov14_Summerville-HighRes10 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes11 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes13 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes12 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes14 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes15 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes16 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes17 Nov14_Summerville-HighRes18

Lauren, Matt, EK, & Pescha –  Thank you for choosing us to take your portraits for the second time! We had a great time and we hope that little Emily-Kate will be able to look back on these photos and enjoy them for many years to come! 🙂

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