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Mini Session: Tina, Sovannarith and Hai Ly

On January 21, 2015 by Chil Studios in Babies, Families, Photography

As parents, we can only imagine how difficult it may be to do something special for yourself. Fortunately for Tina, her sister and her best friend surprised her with a photoshoot!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to shoot a Mini-Session of Tina, her adorable 5 year old son Sovannarith and her active toddler daughter, Hai Ly! We had a wonderful time chasing the two around the park and capturing their adorable personalities. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Tina, Sovannarith, Hai Ly – We had an absolute blast spending time with you guys at the park. We hope to do it again in the near future!

A special thanks to Tam and Judy for planning this surprise shoot.  0115_Truc-Web1 0115_Truc-Web5 0115_Truc-Web6 0115_Truc-Web7 0115_Truc-Web10 0115_Truc-Web13 0115_Truc-Web14 0115_Truc-Web17 0115_Truc-Web18 0115_Truc-Web19 0115_Truc-Web20 0115_Truc-Web21 0115_Truc-Web22 0115_Truc-Web24 0115_Truc-Web26 0115_Truc-Web27 0115_Truc-Web30 0115_Truc-Web32 0115_Truc-Web33 0115_Truc-Web35 0115_Truc-Web37 0115_Truc-Web38 0115_Truc-Web39 0115_Truc-Web40 0115_Truc-Web42 0115_Truc-Web43 0115_Truc-Web44 0115_Truc-Web45 0115_Truc-Web46 0115_Truc-Web48 0115_Truc-Web50 0115_Truc-Web51 0115_Truc-Web52 0115_Truc-Web54

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