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0416_Smith Family-Web19

Mini Sessions – Smith Family

On May 17, 2016 by Scott Valladares in Babies, Families, Photography, Portraits

Seeing this  family grow from behind the lens has been pretty amazing. This is our third go-around with this adorable family (see previous sessions here & here) and this time around we had little Ellie join us! We had a lot of fun with these three at beautiful Lullwater reserve.

Hope you enjoy!

0416_Smith Family-Web2 0416_Smith Family-Web30416_Smith Family-Web1 0416_Smith Family-Web4 0416_Smith Family-Web5 0416_Smith Family-Web7 0416_Smith Family-Web8 0416_Smith Family-Web9 0416_Smith Family-Web100416_Smith Family-Web1 0416_Smith Family-Web11 0416_Smith Family-Web12 0416_Smith Family-Web13 0416_Smith Family-Web14 0416_Smith Family-Web15 0416_Smith Family-Web16 0416_Smith Family-Web17 0416_Smith Family-Web18 0416_Smith Family-Web19 0416_Smith Family-Web20

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