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Proposal & Engagement: Ben & Christynne

On September 28, 2016 by Chil Studios in Engagements, Photography

It’s not every day that a project comes to your door where you get to do heavy out-of-state recon work, real-time GPS tracking, hiding literally two feet from your target without being seen, ultra-zoom lenses and overall spy tactics. So, when it does happen – the answer is clearly Hell Yes.

Earlier this year Ben asked us to keep a secret from his then girlfriend and our good friend, Christynne. After figuring out what the secret was, we were more than a little bit excited to be a part of it.

We’ve known Christynne for a while as she is super-talented photographer. She is the gifted artist behind the moniker @whyiloveatl on Instagram and she’s also shot some beautiful portraits and weddings with us at Chil Studios. Knowing how big of a role photography plays in Christynne’s day-to-day life, we knew we had to capture this moment the right way.

After a ton of preparation, tons of sweating, we did it. It was epic. It was beautiful. There was applause and there was paparazzi. We met up with the newly engaged couple the next day to capture some day-after engagement photos.

Hope you enjoy this exciting and epic album.


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Ben – Thank you so much for involving us in this journey. We had some of the most fun we’ve ever had on a shoot preparing and executing that day. We loved every minute of it.
Christynne – We hope we surprised you and did justice to this awesome proposal!

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