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The Kohlenberg Family

On May 6, 2015 by Chil Studios in Babies, Families, Photography

You may recognize some of these familiar faces from a recent update.┬áLast Fall, we had the opportunity to photograph Emma and Ben’s fun wedding at the Trolley Barn. (If you haven’t had a chance to see the photos, you can view them here.) We had the pleasure of spending a beautiful afternoon at Murphey Candler Park with the Kohlenberg family as part of a celebration of their mom’s 70th birthday. Grandkids Sela and Addy were tons of fun to shoot. Hope you enjoy this beautiful album!

0415_EmmaFamily-Web1 0415_EmmaFamily-Web3 0415_EmmaFamily-Web4 0415_EmmaFamily-Web7 0415_EmmaFamily-Web8 0415_EmmaFamily-Web9 0415_EmmaFamily-Web10 0415_EmmaFamily-Web11 0415_EmmaFamily-Web12
0415_EmmaFamily-Web17 0415_EmmaFamily-Web19 0415_EmmaFamily-Web20 0415_EmmaFamily-Web21 0415_EmmaFamily-Web23 0415_EmmaFamily-Web24 0415_EmmaFamily-Web25 0415_EmmaFamily-Web26 0415_EmmaFamily-Web27 0415_EmmaFamily-Web28 0415_EmmaFamily-Web29 0415_EmmaFamily-Web30

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