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Jill and Dan-36

Wedding Album: Jill & Dan

On April 11, 2015 by Chil Studios in Photography, Weddings

 We got to know Jill and Dan a little bit better each time we met them and we had truly gotten to appreciate their laid back attitude mixed in with their adventurous spirit.  They are so easy-going in-fact that as the weather was threatening to wash out their Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, they didn’t flinch one bit. As you will see from the photos, these two were incredibly happy to be experiencing their wedding day no matter what was happening – it was love – it was heartwarming to witness.  The threat of a storm turned out to be just drizzle and created an atmosphere that complimented the theme. We were glad to be able to make use of the plethora of different colors and backgrounds Historic Norcross had to offer and ended the night with a great celebration!

Jill & Dan | Historic Norcross Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photography | Chil Studios Jill and Dan-4 Jill and Dan-5Main-Web1 Jill and Dan-2Jill and Dan-3 Jill and Dan-27-3 Jill and Dan-9 Jill and Dan-10 Jill and Dan-11 Jill and Dan-12Jill and Dan-40 Jill and Dan-47Jill and Dan-46Jill and Dan-45Jill and Dan-52Jill and Dan-49

Main-Web1-2Jill and Dan-22Jill and Dan-15Jill and Dan-16 Jill and Dan-13Jill and Dan-20Jill and Dan-19 Jill and Dan-17Jill and Dan-24


A special thanks to Christynne Papincak for joining us for this wedding. She caught some great images including the one below from the first look. Jill and Dan-25 Jill and Dan-27Jill and Dan-36 Jill and Dan-35

Another great shot from Christynne below.Jill and Dan-37 Jill and Dan-38 Jill and Dan-27-2 Jill and Dan-33Jill and Dan-39Jill and Dan-59Jill and Dan-58Jill and Dan-60Jill and Dan-57Jill and Dan-56Jill and Dan-54Jill and Dan-55Jill and Dan-48Jill and Dan-44Jill and Dan-76Jill and Dan-63Jill and Dan-68

Another great couple shots by Christynne of Jill’s entrance and Dan during the ceremony
Jill and Dan-65

Jill and Dan-73Jill and Dan-71Jill and Dan-69Jill and Dan-72Jill and Dan-70Jill and Dan-74Jill and Dan-77Jill and Dan-61Jill and Dan-86Jill and Dan-84Jill and Dan-88Jill and Dan-79Jill and Dan-80Jill and Dan-81Jill and Dan-89

A great shot of the cake from the outside by Christynne
Jill and Dan-95Jill and Dan-91Jill and Dan-93Jill and Dan-92Jill and Dan-94
Jill and Dan-96Jill and Dan-98Jill and Dan-99Jill and Dan-100Jill and Dan-87Jill and Dan-104Jill and Dan-105Jill and Dan-107Jill and Dan-111Jill and Dan-110Jill and Dan-112Jill and Dan-113Jill and Dan-114Jill and Dan-115Jill and Dan-103Jill and Dan-116Jill and Dan-118

Jill and Dan – Thank you so much for letting us capture your special day. We’ve really enjoyed all of our shoots together and getting to know you throughout the months. We hope you enjoy the photos and we hope to work with you again in the future!

Chil Studios Team: 

Photographer: Bhargava Chiluveru

Second Shooter: Christynne Papincak

Team Coordinator: Anu Chiluveru


Carlyle House | March 20, 2015

Accommodations: Hilton Northeast Atlanta

Bride’s Dress: Carrie’s Bridal

Bride’s Hair & Makeup: MaryRose Rogers

Groom’s Tux: Savvi

Florist: Stems

Ceremony Music: John Burke

DJ: Deep South Events

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