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Wedding: Irfan & Zoya (Pt. 1)

On January 7, 2015 by Chil Studios in Photography, Weddings

We’ve had a lot of firsts in the last couple of years and what better way to start 2015 than to publish our first South Asian / Ismaili wedding! Although we’ve had the pleasure of filming a south asian wedding before, we’ve always wanted to capture, the traditions, outfits and most of all.. the colors.

You might remember Irfan and Zoya from a couple of our shoots and you are right (See here, here and here). They were one of our first clients ever and we have a great relationship with this sweet couple! We were really excited to have been able to end last year with shooting their wedding and more than happy to begin with being able to show the photos.

We had a wonderful time experiencing their customs and traditions through their three day celebration. Part 1 of the album starts with their Mehndi (Henna Party), proceeded with their Pithis and Sangeet (Individual Bridal Blessings). Be sure to check out our site again in a couple of days and we will be posting the rest of the events, the Nikkah (the ceremony), the Koba Kobi and the Reception. Hope you enjoy!


Mehndi (or Henna) parties are usually a pre-wedding ceremony organized by both families. Anyone who is attending the wedding is usually welcome to come get an intricate henna tattoo during these parties. Although the main purpose is henna, these parties usually follow with a night of signing, dancing and tons of yummy food!

IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web7 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web1 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web11 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web10 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web6 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web2 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web3IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web13 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web9 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web1-3 IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web14IrfanZoya_Mendhi-web1-2



During the Pithi(s), relatives of both the bride and the groom have a chance to bless them. They do this by showering them with rice, feed them something sweet and also crack their knuckles. This is believed to harness the bad energy of the person being blessed and taken away. They also lean in to give a word of advice to help them in their marriage. Traditionally, both the bride and groom are covered in turmeric. which is believed to a natural antiseptic, in preparation for the big day. However, in this case, the bride had chosen a Betel leaf as a substitute.

IrfanZoya_Peethi-web3 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web2 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web4 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web1 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web5 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web6 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web7 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web8 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web9 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web11 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web12 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web10 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web13 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web14 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web16 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web17IrfanZoya_Peethi-web18IrfanZoya_Peethi-web19IrfanZoya_Peethi-web20IrfanZoya_Peethi-web21IrfanZoya_Peethi-web22IrfanZoya_Peethi-web23IrfanZoya_Peethi-web24IrfanZoya_Peethi-web25IrfanZoya_Peethi-web26IrfanZoya_Peethi-web27IrfanZoya_Peethi-web28


Now the Groom’s turn.IrfanZoya_Peethi-web29IrfanZoya_Peethi-web30IrfanZoya_Peethi-web31IrfanZoya_Peethi-web32IrfanZoya_Peethi-web33IrfanZoya_Peethi-web34IrfanZoya_Peethi-web35IrfanZoya_Peethi-web37IrfanZoya_Peethi-web38IrfanZoya_Peethi-web39IrfanZoya_Peethi-web41IrfanZoya_Peethi-web40IrfanZoya_Peethi-web42IrfanZoya_Peethi-web44IrfanZoya_Peethi-web43

The Pithi is followed with the Sangeet, when translated, means music. The bride and the groom changed into different outfits and performed a great choreographed dance for their guests. This was followed by performances by relatives and friends of both sides and ended with a night of dancing.

IrfanZoya_Peethi-web46IrfanZoya_Peethi-web47IrfanZoya_Peethi-web49IrfanZoya_Peethi-web50IrfanZoya_Peethi-web52IrfanZoya_Peethi-web53IrfanZoya_Peethi-web54IrfanZoya_Peethi-web57IrfanZoya_Peethi-web56IrfanZoya_Peethi-web58IrfanZoya_Peethi-web59IrfanZoya_Peethi-web60IrfanZoya_Peethi-web61IrfanZoya_Peethi-web62IrfanZoya_Peethi-web63IrfanZoya_Peethi-web64IrfanZoya_Peethi-web65IrfanZoya_Peethi-web66IrfanZoya_Peethi-web67IrfanZoya_Peethi-web68 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web69 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web70 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web71 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web74 IrfanZoya_Peethi-web75


— Be sure to check back on our site in a couple of days for Part 2 of this festive wedding! —

To purchase prints from either of these events, click here


Chil Studios Team: 

Photography: Bhargava Chiluveru

Videography: Dakota Franks and Anu Chiluveru


Bride Hair & Make Up: Sarah Ali – Natural Identity Bridal Studio, Decatur

Bride and Groom’s Outfits: Elan by Salima and Laila Boutique

Decorator: Finishing Touch Decor

Mehndi Artist: Jasmine Hakani

Peethi Venue: Bethak Banquet Hall

Caterers: Chinese Dhaba

Accomodations: Holiday Inn Duluth

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