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Wedding – Shari and Jamar

On March 28, 2016 by Chil Studios in Photography, Weddings

There are certain clients who make you want to be a better artist. Sometimes it’s their personality, sometimes it’s their hospitality. Shari and Jamar were beyond just those two things. Capturing this incredible couple was more than a pleasure – it was magic. We had the opportunity to witness one of our favorite first looks in the midst of gorgeous weather and wonderfully upbeat Jamaican music. We hope you enjoy this photogenic couple and the magical moments they shared on their special day!
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ShariJamar-8 ShariJamar-9 ShariJamar-10 ShariJamar-7ShariJamar-25 ShariJamar-11 ShariJamar-21 ShariJamar-20 ShariJamar-22 ShariJamar-23 ShariJamar-13 ShariJamar-16 ShariJamar-14 ShariJamar-17 ShariJamar-18 ShariJamar-15ShariJamar-26 ShariJamar-27 ShariJamar-31 ShariJamar-30 ShariJamar-29 ShariJamar_re-1ShariJamar_re-1-2 ShariJamar-34 ShariJamar-37 ShariJamar-36 ShariJamar-41ShariJamar-35ShariJamar-38 ShariJamar-44 ShariJamar-54 ShariJamar-55 ShariJamar-56 ShariJamar-57 ShariJamar-58 ShariJamar-59 ShariJamar-60 ShariJamar-46 ShariJamar-45 ShariJamar-47 ShariJamar-48 ShariJamar-66 ShariJamar-67 ShariJamar-68 ShariJamar-69 ShariJamar-70 ShariJamar-71 ShariJamar-72 ShariJamar-74 ShariJamar-73 ShariJamar-75 ShariJamar-76

Shari & Jamar – Thank you so much for letting us join you in these precious moments! Your love and laughter made our jobs so much easier and we had such an incredible time throughout the whole day. Hope you enjoy these photos and we look forward to our paths crossing again!


Chil Studios Team:

Primary Photographer: Bhargava Chiluveru
Secondary Photographer: Christynne Papincak

Primrose Cottage | February 28, 2016

Accommodations: Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta North Point
Bride’s Dress: Bride Beautiful
Makeup Artist: The Sparkle Experience, Beauty Bar & Boutique
Groom’s Tux: Jos. A. Bank
Florist: A Divine Event
Caterer: A Divine Event
Cake: A Divine Event

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