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Wedding: Sumit & Iris

On April 30, 2015 by Chil Studios in Photography, Weddings

You know what’s great about a dual-ceremony wedding? There are two of everything! Two incredible dresses, two beautiful locations, two festive ceremonies, twice as many flowers and most of all, twice as much happiness. Although, all the above made this wedding great, what made it memorable was this awesome couple. Seeing how Sumit and Iris took care of each other and all of their guests during this special day made this long day go by in a flash. The majestic Atlanta National Golf club was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful day. We hope you enjoy this album!

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A special thanks to Christynne Papincak for accompanying Sumit and capturing these beautiful shots belowSS-Web1SS-Web4SS-Web5SS-Web10SS-Web26 SS-Web28 SS-Web27Main-Web32Main-Web22Main-Web33Main-Web34Main-Web36Main-Web35Main-Web37Main-Web38Main-Web39

Another great couple of shots of the ceremony by Christynne below.SS-Web40SS-Web41SS-Web42SS-Web47SS-Web48Main-Web43Main-Web44SS-Web51Main-Web45Main-Web46SS-Web49Main-Web52Main-Web53Main-Web54Main-Web59Main-Web58

Main-Web56Main-Web61Main-Web62Main-Web60Main-Web67SS-Web63SS-Web65Main-Web66Main-Web73Main-Web74Main-Web75Main-Web77Main-Web81Main-Web82Main-Web83Main-Web86Main-Web87Main-Web85Main-Web88Main-Web84Main-Web94Main-Web95Main-Web90Main-Web93Main-Web91Main-Web89Couple of great shots of Sumit getting ready in the evening by Christynne. SS-Web72SS-Web76SS-Web79SS-Web80Main-Web97Main-Web98Main-Web101Main-Web100Main-Web102Main-Web103Main-Web106Main-Web105Main-Web108Main-Web109

Couple of beautiful shots of the evening ceremony by Christynne.

Special thanks to Scott Valladares for helping us during the reception and capturing these two great shots belowTS-Web146TS-Web149Main-Web150Main-Web151Main-Web152TS-Web155Main-Web154Main-Web156Main-Web157Main-Web163Main-Web164Main-Web165

Another great couple of action shots by Scott belowTS-Web161TS-Web166Main-Web167Main-Web168Main-Web169Main-Web170

Sumit & Iris – Thank you for sharing this special day with us. We had a great time from the second we got there until we left. We hope you had a great honeymoon and wish you all the best in your Marriage. We hope to work with you again soon!

Chil Studios Team: 

Photographer: Bhargava Chiluveru
Second Shooter: Christynne Papincak
Third Shooter: Scott Valladares
Team Coordinator: Anu Chiluveru


Accommodations: Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta
Videography: Cinema Weddings
DJ & Lighting: DJ Jaz and GTB Productions

Indian / Hindu Ceremony
Officiant: Taresh Bhattji – Invigorate Life, LLC
Bride’s Hair & Makeup Artist: Mona Lisa Salon
Bride’s Dress: Rias
Bride’s Shoes: Macy’s
Groom’s Attire: Ria’s
Groom’s Shoes: Ria’s
Mandap Artist: Vandana Malhotra
Florist: Rande Miller, MH Floral Decor
Caterer: The Palace Indian Cuisine

American / Christian Ceremony
Officiant: Rev. Thomas Johnson
Bride’s Hair & Makeup Artist: Nikkea Dougherty Trio Makeup and Hair Design
Bride’s Dress: Brides by Lori
Bride’s Shoes: Macy’s
Groom’s Attire: Hong Kong Tailor, Neil Balani
Groom’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds
Caterer: National Golf Club Association
Cake Artist: Dawn Backs Cakes by Dawn Davis
Florist: Rande Miller, MH Floral Decor

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